Order officially licensed Gremlins merchandise at low prices in our online shop! Must have accessories for all fans of the horror comedy.

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Licensed Gremlins figures

Gremlins figures for fans of Joe Dante's cult film

With "Gremlins - Kleine Monster" veteran Joe Dante mid-80s is a fine, small horror comedy with satirical swipes succeeded on society.For fans of horror turbulent pleasure, the 1990 "Gremlins 2 - The Return of the little monsters" was continued, there is in our online store the original Gremlins figures as iconic items!

Gizmo stuffed animals as original Gremlins figures

If you can not get wet, the Gremlins and do not feed after midnight, they remain in their original state as cute Mogwai.With our Gizmo plush figures and the Gizmo animatronics you can bring you your own personal little Mogwai as a collectible in the house - but please follow the rules!

Official Gremlins masks for Halloween time

Halloween is always the peak season for monsters from the silver screen.Disguise yourself with the Gremlins masks, decorate your four walls with the Gremlins figures and offer your guests as a Halloween party with genuine filmic look.,
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