Day of the Dead

Our officially licensed Day of the Dead masks are a must have for every fan of George A. romero's classic zombie film. The perfect Halloween masks and collectors' items!

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Day of the Dead Stock article

Day of the Dead masks zombie movie fans

Anyone familiar with the zombie genre, for the "Living Dead" films from veteran George A.Romero is a must.In the third part of "Day of the Dead" is claustrophobic atmosphere and bloody special effects join hands and thus ensure an atmospheric apocalypses splatter movie.The Day of the Dead Stock articles we have the right merchandise in the range for all fans of the walking undead.

Celebrate Halloween with the Bub & Dr.Tongue mask Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead Stock products are not only as collectibles for the showcase a real hit, but make also good as a horror costumes at Halloween.So you can stand out with licensed zombie masks from the crowd and be the center of every party.

Join the Zombie Walk with the Day of the Dead Stock Articles

Also next Zombie Walk to a beautiful shine with the Day of the Dead Stock articles as participants - since the incredibly realistic, hand-painted latex masks from zombie guinea pig Bub velvet chain necklace and legedären Dr.Tongue with his lacerated face and tongue hanging out are the icing on the cake of every Gorhounds.

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