With our officially licensed Chucky merchandise you can rock any Halloween party.

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Chucky Doll and Mask

The officially licensed Chucky Doll and Mask

Even small things can mean big horror: At least you can say that for the Chucky Doll. The murderous doll leaves a trace of blood wherever it turns up. Chucky has long become a cult horror film character. So it comes as no surprise that the film series has become a mega successful horror film franchise.

The Chucky Doll is a must have collectible for any horror film fan

For all fans of the nasty little fellow we have fan merchandise like the Chucky Doll in stock. No matter if you use it as a Halloween decoration or a precious collectible, the Chucky Doll Action Figure is guaranteed to give your friends the creeps and tells them that you are a true horror film fan.

Turn yourself into a horror doll with our cool Chucky Mask

If you want to turn yourself into a horror film cult character, our Chucky Mask is the perfect disguise for you.  Order it in our online shop and see if the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray can possess you and arouses the lust to kill in you.

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