Stephen King's thriller "Carrie" is a milestone of the horror genre, which was perfectly adapted for the cinema by Brian De Palma - order the original licensed Carrie costumes in our online shop now!

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Carrie License Costumes for Horror Film Fans

Get the Carrie license costumes for your bloody prom

Horror veteran Stephen King has penned some of the scariest stories in contemporary literature. These include the psychological thriller "Carrie" - filmed by Brian De Palma - in which the young main character is so cornered by her classmates that she uses her telekinetic abilities to cause a bloodbath at the prom. If you want to dress up as a scary prom queen, you can buy Carrie License Costumes in our shop.

Come out as a movie fan with the look of the Carrie License costumes.

Every horror fan is familiar with the story of the girl tormented by her mother and classmates. It would be all the more ingenious if you were to embody one of the female horror icons from literature and cinema in the outfit of the Carrie License costumes.

Carrie License Costumes as the Perfect Halloween Disguise

Even the ladies of creation want to shock the party guests on Halloween. That's why we recommend Carrie License costumes like the bloody ball gown, with which you're sure to become the splatter lady of the evening.

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