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Batman Costume & Bat Man Mask as Halloween Costume. Order your DC Superhero Costume now and dress up as a comic book hero from Gotham City with Batman Mask, Batman Mask. Mega selection of Batman costume accessories for your superhero outfit

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Batman Costumes and Masks

Original licensed Batman costumes

Batman is the dark hero from DC Comics - the adventures of the Dark Knight have been adapted for cinema and television several times. Director Christopher Nolan's trilogy starring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, aka The Dark Knight, is particularly close to the comic book template. Dress up as a superhero now with an original licensed Batman costume and Batman mask.

Batman Costumes and Batman Mask as Costume Accessories

As a real superhero you need the right Batman costume accessories. You'll find a great selection of them in our Batman license category. How about a Batman muscle costume, a latex Batman mask or the original Batman gloves? Batman costume accessories are available for adults as well as for children. Costumed as Batman, you can save humanity at the next superhero party and Halloween or simply conquer your lady of the heart with superpowers.

Batman Costume, Catwoman, Joker and Bane Accessories

Batman as Batman has a lot to do in Gotham City - after all, his enemies always want to reduce the whole city to rubble. Batman costumes and Batman masks are for heroes - but we also have numerous masks and costumes of his adversaries and villains in our assortment. For example the Joker costume, the matching Joker mask made of latex or the nasty looking Bane mask. For all girls and women who want to stand heroically by Batman's side as the "Dark Knight", we also offer the Catwoman costume, the sexy looking Catwoman mask and various Catwoman make-up accessories.

Order your Batman costume and Batman mask cheap online now and become a superhero!

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