Alien vs. Predator

With our officially licensed Alien vs. Predator costumes and accessories you can turn Halloween into a science fiction event. Naturally we also stock masks and costumes from only Alien or Predator films.

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Predator Costumes and Alien Masks

Officially licensed Predator costumes, Alien masks and decorations

Ridley Scott's nightmarish science-fiction thriller "Alien" and John McTiernans science-fiction action horror film "Predator" are considered cult films by all fans of the genre. Besides numerous sequels where each one of the creatures from outer space individually terrorizes mankind, there are also the Predator 1 & 2 films about the clashing of the two monsters. If you are still looking for an officially licensed science-fiction look for upcoming Halloween parties, have a look at our Predator Costumes and Alien Masks.

Creepy decorations and Alien Masks for movie fans

The features of alien creatures are really terrifying. Give our friends the creeps with our Predalien Mask or Face Hugger Mask and decorate your party location with our impressive, licensed wallbreakers and wall mounts.

Get yourself one of our officially licensed Preadator Costume

Arnold Schwarzenegger knows only too well how dangerous hunting Predators can be - after all he had to fight the extraterrestrial creature in the first of the Predator films. The Predator Costume Deluxe turns you into a dangerous, technologically advanced hunter from outer space. The costume set includes the realistic mask, gloves and armour parts. We wish all fans of the fantastoc science-fiction monsters enjoyable parties and happy hunting in their Alien Masks and Predator Costumes!

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