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Men Carnival Costumes & Mardi Gras Costumes for Men for guys who like to celebrate Carnival, Mardi Gras & Halloween dressed up funny. Order funny men's costumes for carnival ball & theme parties now!

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Carnival costumes for men

Are you looking for original carnival costumes for men? Then you've come to the right place!

No matter if you want to attend a cheerful and colorful carnival party with your friends, an upcoming theme birthday party or a spooky Halloween party, we have carnival costumes for all men and for every occasion. You'll find the right men's costume for your party with us.

A man costume that will make you feel like you're on vacation!

Is your next theme party in a holiday mood? We have something for you: For example, the Hawaii Hula Rock Nature in the color nature is the perfect carnival costume for men who want to attend a summer beach party. When we dream of parties on the beach and the South Seas, images of a very specific island surely come to mind in many of us: the South Seas island of Hawaii. A paradise that invites us to dream. Beaches of white sand, green palm trees, beach bars, restful relaxation, warm temperatures and pure sun! Since the sun shines very hot, a straw hat would be just the thing to protect your head from the hot rays. A fancy dress costume for men who swear by a cheerful and summery look and also want to protect themselves from the summer sun, the Straw Hat With Flower Ribbon is the right one. It can be worn excellently in combination with the hula skirt. In the gentle South Seas wind, the approx. 74 cm long plastic bast strings of the men's costume swing playfully. It is a fancy dress costume for men who prefer a comfortable feeling when wearing it, which is guaranteed by the very light material.
Of course, beach bars are not uncommon in Hawaii and even in the crowds of your Theme Party you might knock over a drink or two. But if you spill your summer drink on your carnival costume, this is no problem, because the material of the Hawaiian skirt is easily washable with water.
A carnival costume for men made of straw? But what if even the coolest beach boy suffers from hay fever? Of course we have thought along. So the carnival costume for men who suffer from hay fever can be worn without any problems, because the cords of the men's costume are made of pure polyester and so the next Hawaii Party & Summerfest can come quietly.

Carnival costumes for men with fantasy

Have you got too hot from the sun? Of course we have a suitable carnival costume for men who need a windy cooling down. For example, you could go for a ride in the Köng Arthur Men Costume. A refreshing wind will blow towards you and make the purple cape of your man costume blow. Of course you can't lose it, because a velcro fastener holds it securely to your noble outer garment. With iron Flame Sword as decorative Toy Guns you go on great aventiure and defend your kingdom against uninvited guests. Of course, its blade is made of plastic and therefore harmless. Nevertheless, it is always scary.
But let's be honest, the stylishly dressed bloodsucker in the Steampunk Vampire Costume will certainly not flee so quickly. With a black and red striped tie and a golden bat brooch, he's dressed up to drop by the castle for a cup of blood wine. A carnival costume for men with style and equally a great fancy dress costume for men who prefer haunting in the night. The black top hat with silk ribbon adds the finishing touch to this men's costume.
While the vampire in the carnival costume for men who fear the dark night keeps watch in the throne room of the castle, the muscular superhero flies his rounds outside in the Batman costume. Thanks to the 3D effect, the carnival costume is suitable for men of any stature, because with a lined outer robe, it gives even the biggest sports muffler the perfect muscular body. In combination with the Batman mask you are super equipped as Batman. Superheroes are carnival costumes for men that are sure to impress even the ladies of creation.

Carnival costumes for men with a disco mood

After our trip to the fairytale haunted castle, a disco dance would be just the thing right now. Together with Batman, King Arthur and the steampunk vampire you go to a dance bar in elegant Sequined Shirt Silver. A carnival costume for men who like to stand out. In combination with the Costume Sunglasses "Cool Blues" you also get a cool poker face. In the disco a well-known rock star welcomes you joyfully with party music. As a carnival costume for men who love music, the Rockstar Costume is just right.
Maybe now you feel like paying us a visit in our party castle. Of course, the medieval castle gate is always open for you. In which male costume will you come? Pirates & Buccaneers are just as welcome as Star Wars fans at ! Maybe you'll just conjure yourself onto the dance floor at Magician Costume gold XL?

Are you still looking for a carnival costume for your partner or the kids? Here you will surely find what you are looking for:

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