Men Wigs

Men's Wigs & Men Wigs for Halloween, Carnival & Theme Parties. Funny men's wigs for him & her. Mega selection - from afro look, blonde surfer boy to mullet. Order now as Drag King men wigs and fake beards.

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Men Wigs

Weird men wigs for theme parties

Nowadays, there are numerous fancy dress parties that people like to use to slip into someone else's role. Dressing someone up as a cleaning lady at a bachelor party, with a blond short hair wig and matching dress or on Halloween as a resurrected Elvis, with a matching rock'n roll men's wig to make the streets unsafe, is a must nowadays. Disguises are becoming more and more popular, because on Halloween we all like to transform ourselves into a scary eye-catcher. But a complete Halloween costume also needs a suitable hairstyle. If your own hair is not suitable for wild hairstyles or you don't want to dye it, it's worth getting a men's wig. Wild and unusual hairstyles are not only conspicuous on Halloween, but simply belong to it. That's why it's worth taking a look at our large selection of men's wigs, especially at this time of year. A wig for a costume looks great, whether as a zombie with tousled, blood-stained hair or as a vampire with a long, dark mane. For the daring, there's also a great selection of beards and sideburns in our shop. Create a spooky atmosphere at your next Halloween party or scare your friends with one of our men's wigs.
The absolute highlight of any costume is the matching wig. Whether it's a simple short hair, long hair, fringe or curly wig or an extravagant men's wig, the hairstyle can become a party highlight. A funny carnival wig, a stylish afro wig, a historical wig or a spooky Halloween wig will put the costume of your choice in the limelight. Slip into the role of another person or even into another era with a funny wig. Or make someone shiver at the sight of you when you surprise them with a creepy men's wig. No matter what party, the wig will make you the absolute eye-catcher.

What celebrity wigs are available?

In our shop you can find men's wigs of real celebrities like for example Mens Wig Heino Blonde and Rock `n` Roll Wig. But also from fictional characters, like Thorin Oakenshield wig with beard and Gandalf Wig and Beard Set from The Hobbit, Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street and Legolas wig from Lord of the Rings, we offer wigs for men. However, other wigs, from rococo to 70s style are also available from us. Indispensable for the cold season is of course our classic Santa Claus Wig & Beard Set Dlx..

What are the men's wigs made of and which one fits me?

Our men's wigs are made of synthetic hair, which is made of high quality polyester. Our inflatable wigs are made of polypropylene. While the wigs are mostly one size fits all, our hats come in a variety of sizes. Some of our headpieces already come as a set and include beards or bandanas in addition to the wig.

I just can't get my hair under the wig!

Wearing wigs is easier and less complicated, especially for men. The reason for this is the often short hair, which makes it easier to put the wig on, so that your own hair is completely covered. However, if you have longer hair, putting on the wig can be more difficult. The remedy is the Wig Stocking Set, which you can purchase from us. It makes sure that your hair stays under the wig during the party. It also helps that the men's wig does not slip back and forth on your head. The Wig Stocking Set is made of 100% nylon and is available in skin color and black.

Care of the men wigs

After a night of drinking, your wig may have lost some of its shine. To make it fresh again and ready for the next party, just take some baby shampoo and wash the wig with it. Afterwards, you can simply comb through your men's wig with a coarse comb and hang it up to dry. Since synthetic hair is sensitive to heat, we recommend drying with a hair dryer only with cold air.

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