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Huge selection of harmless toy weapons & toy guns as costume accessories. Order ninja sword, cowboy guns & plastic machetes as costume accessories and props now. Buy toy weapons for kids and adults online!

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Decorative and toy weapons as a prop for your costume

In order to defend their belongings or even life and limb, humans and other creatures have developed a wide variety of weapons over the centuries, as is well known. Beyond that, of course, it's also about the well-thought-out attack and the decorative weapon as an object of prestige. A policeman without a respect-inspiring gun? A reaper without his toy scythe? Or a pirate without his sabre? Unimaginable! For exactly these reasons you will find in our toy weapons assortment everything you need for Halloween and carnival as costume accessories for your authentic appearance as a tough warrior, wild Amazon or creepy ghost. The world of toy weapons is as broad as the spectrum of disguises. With a realistic-looking toy gun as a toy weapon, you can reenact movie and theater scenes and act as a stuntman. Among the toy weapons you will find various designs like plastic machetes, ninja swords, faux leather whips and toy guns. In horror movies, anything can be used as a weapon - but in the real world of costuming, it should be the right decorative weapon.

Harmless but powerful - stylish toy weapons to match the figure

Which warrior equips himself with which decorative weapon? You should consider this question when choosing your toy weapons. With the classic disguises the matter is quickly clarified: Choose from the toy revolvers the optimal model for your appearance as a cowboy, for example, with the Texas Ranger 12 shot rifle or as a policeman, with the Euro-cop gun 13-shot and put your finger on the trigger at the right moment. With our Western Sheriff Set, for example for your costume as a sheriff you have everything you need for your fearless appearance as a gunslinger. Many a costume character simply does not look authentic without the matching toy gun. What would a ninja fighter be without his Ninja sword with sheath or Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th without his Jason Machete Economy?
You can also quickly assign the matching toy weapons to certain supernatural figures. The devil himself carries the Trident Devil Fork or uses a toy scythe, while the brave Spartan won't go into battle without his Achilles Shield.
There are also weapons that aren't all that common, but that will make you stand out from the crowd. Grab the Katniss Bow Mockingjay or go on a journey through time with a Stone Age lobe.
In addition, there is also the decorative weapon for many occasions. The Edelmann Holzschwert can be used by brave fighters of all kinds and the Cadet 912 Revolver pink not only goes down well in its place of origin, the wild west.

Into the movie business with the lightsaber as a toy weapon

Not to be forgotten, of course, are the magical weapons that have made it from the cinema screen to the carnival parade or to role-playing. Foremost among these are the original equipment of the Star Wars characters. The Count Dooku Lightsaber and the Plo Koon`s lightsaber are just two of the licensed models that you can order exclusively from us. Of course, you can also find the original weapons of many other movie heroes in our assortment. Use the Wonder Woman Sword as a decorative weapon or swing the toy scythe in the style of well-known horror films. The matching ammunition or the Colt belt round off your weaponry equipment comfortably.

The toy scythe in peaceful use

By definition, a decorative weapon has exactly one purpose: to make an impression with its appearance. The design of the toy scythe or the decorative weapon is therefore focused on the detailed and authentic-looking design of the weapons. The toy weapons are made of robust material and fulfil their function with the deceptively real and thus deterrent effect. Nevertheless, the equipment in this category is not suitable in principle for small children under the age of three. For the somewhat older young warriors, adult supervision is required: they ensure the professional handling of what is in itself a harmless decorative weapon. A toy scythe made of foam or another material with comparable properties is, of course, also particularly suitable for smaller, sometimes somewhat clumsier messengers of death.
Time to give the toy weapons their grand entrance: Not only at carnival, but also at a theme party or a scary party toy guns and Co. may not be missing. You are not quite sure which weapon fits best to your costume? Just let yourself be inspired by our large assortment of toy weapons!

Are you missing the right costume for your toy weapon? You're sure to find your favorite costume here:

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