Pantyhose & Stockings

Sexy tights and extravagant stockings as costume accessories for Halloween, carnival and fancy dress. Huge selection of fishnet tights and sexy nylons as extraordinary legwear. Order costume tights as a costume accessory now!

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Sexy tights & stockings

Erotic tights conquer the carnival parade

Whether you're a young-at-heart witch, an elegant princess or a fearsome she-devil: they all know what they've got and flaunt it in the carnival parade. So that your long legs are shown off to their best advantage, we have the right equipment ready: Sexy tights as Costume Accessories in all colours, shapes and sizes. Depending on the model you choose, your sexy stockings will convey other messages in addition to their erotic effect. Like the classic model, you are therefore spoilt for choice when it comes to your selection. Emphatically seductive? Or Halloween tights with an additional creepy factor?

Decision-making aids on the way to the ideal sexy tights

Once you've chosen your costume, you can start your search in our range: if you're a cheerful joker, there's no way around the striped Clown knee socks, while if you're a sailor you'll naturally go for striped sexy tights. The spectrum ranges from blue and white to black and white and black and green. If you are on the road with clearly seductive intentions, you should turn to the sexy tights with bows. The Netzstrmpfe with bow combine the erotic accessory with the sexy net structure, which shows off a lot of leg. Also under the Overknees with red bow the contours of your legs stand out particularly well, of course.
Are you planning your special appearance in the time of evil spirits and creepy supernatural creatures? Halloween tights combine pure eroticism with impressive motifs. Comparatively harmless is the Opaque tights with cobwebs, while the Bloody Horror Leggins provokes questions about your creepy past. Halloween tights in the form of leggings are also suitable as a central component of your actual costume. With the Skeleton Leggings you have found the right pants for your skeleton costume and with the Ladies tights, black the wide witch skirt looks even better.

From the Halloween tights to the costume

You are not yet completely determined with your disguise? Then start your selection of the perfect costume with the sexy tights. The Overknees Neonorange will surely give you creative ideas like the Tattoo Tights.
Even real rocker chicks go for sexy stockings or Halloween tights. The Black Pantyhose In Hole Look can be used for example at the Theme Party in the style of the 80s as well as at the ghost party.
You can also use the Sexy Stockings in the form of striped socks in the truest sense of the word. Among other things, the pair Striped striped socks red white clearly doesn't have much in common with the cliché of the good schoolgirl.

Relaxed through the carnival season or the witching hour with the comfortable Sexy Tights

Does your little witch want to be at the top of her game when it comes to sexy stockings or Halloween tights? Of course you can find the right tights for kids in our shop. We also have something suitable for the male sex - the men's tights in green are the perfect legwear for Robin Hood and will certainly not go unnoticed.
No matter which Halloween tights your affection is ultimately, the wearing comfort is ensured in any case. Our tights are made of high quality materials that lie comfortably on the skin and follow every movement. If you have any intolerances, simply opt for a version made from natural materials such as cotton.
Sexy stockings should ideally reach to the knees - and stay there. So that this is actually the case, you can bring the sexy stockings without incorporated silicone strips with additional suspenders in position. This way you can dance until the early hours of the morning without any problems.
Let yourself be seduced by our sexy pantyhose as Costume Accessories - and look forward to their effect on the day of days, together with one of the matching Costumes.

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