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Only those who are willing to die, will find eternal life

Byzantium told in opulent images the poignant and compelling story of a very special mother-daughter relationship. Both are as vampires tied to today's world, however, the young Eleanor wants a normal teenage life, while her mother Clara prefer ensnared the male sex and not only brings itself through their adventure in great danger.

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As vampires hunted, Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan) and her mother Clara are (Gemma Arterton) for over 200 years on the run. While Clara an eye towards the future and has no interest in the past, Eleanor is exhausted after the long period of hiding and wants to finally settle in one place. When her way she verschlägt in a sleepy seaside resort, find the two in the old Hotel Byzantium a new home. However, their presence does not go unnoticed: The mysterious brotherhood that follows in their footsteps, always draws closer circles. The mother-daughter team has to admit that they can not run away forever from her past ...

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