blood capsules

Blood Capsules Special Makeup Accessories

generated by blood capsules, bloodthirsty makeup effects mostly find application in the film and theater industry.Increasingly blood capsules but also discovered by amateur makeup artists and makeup artists for Halloween makeup effects and the makeup of realistic accident representation.

Blood capsules for your Halloween makeup

Who creeps not against a bloodied mouth or bloody fangs? With blood capsules can be quickly and cheaply special makeup effects, how to create the appearance of a blood-thirsty vampire, werewolf or rabid carnivorous zombies.These blood capsules are mostly used as blood effect in the mouth, where they can be activated by biting or by dissolving the gelatin capsule.Already dripping practically fresh blood from your mouth or shows a bloody teeth.

Various forms of blood capsules

There are a variety of blood capsules.If desired, cause and desired effect blood capsules are also used differently.The best-known blood capsules are the Theatre blood Blood capsules, with resolution to gelatin capsule as a shell and powder filling.By taking in the mouth, the gelatin capsule dissolves slowly and the blood powder is contained therein, mixes with your saliva.The resulting film of blood is usually dark, thick and can then be spat out from you or run out as a trickle out of your mouth.Cheap Blood capsules usually consist of a small plastic capsule, which is already filled with liquid synthetic blood.By biting the closure the fake blood is contained therein shall release.Especially in these blood capsules, make sure that the plastic cover is not swallowed! Not to self-dissolving blood capsules are no means for children as suffocation!

Blood Capsules for realistic accident representation RUD:

Civil protection, fire brigades and special police practice the real thing with some very realistic representation of the accident, also called RUD and need crass special makeup effects like blood capsules and fake blood.Whether thus a sports injury or an accident is shown at work, blood capsules are ideal in order to simulate dramatic oral injuries.

Ingredients of Blood Capsules:

Most blood capsules made of gelatin and prepared with vegetable powder and food coloring.Often helps annexed citric acid for additional salivation and foam, so that a thick fake blood formed.The added dyes some blood capsules allow a washing out of blood from clothing make it very difficult or impossible, so try make sure to first on an inconspicuous spot!

make blood capsules themselves

Most the effort blood capsules worthwhile itself to make not.The amount of time is necessary for the manufacture of blood capsules, is usually the other hand, speaking factor, while the necessary ingredients do not carry weight.Also necessary is a pot, cornstarch, beetroot juice, empty gelatin capsules and a syringe.The syringe and empty gelatin capsules you get from the pharmacy.Beetroot juice and cornstarch from the Reformaus or supermarket.Beetroot juice in a saucepan and spoonful stir the cornstarch so that your fake blood gets the right consistency.When you reach the desired blood thickness, remove the pan from the heat source and allow to cool.Engage with the syringe, the film Blood and fill one half of the gelatin capsule so tightly with the other half.Make sure that the outside of the gelatin capsule does not come with moisture or water in contact since then dissolve this your homemade blood capsules are now finished!