Bachelor Accessories

For newly in love also comes sometime the day on which it is with the upcoming wedding Ernst - as a promise for eternity is not a decision you should take lightly. To get one's fling, the bachelor party was launched a long time ago.

Stag with traditional Background

The stag has its roots in ancient Greece - there are already the Spartans for a comrade, the impending wedding, organized a big feast. Other sources can be seen that the stag tradition comes from the English-speaking world.

There is for men the Stag Night, taken in the future groom primarily from the father of the prospective bride under the microscope, and for women the Hen Night, in which all the female members of both families with coffee and cake on details such as Bridal and wedding decoration entertain. The Muslims however, celebrate the henna night: hands and fingers of women with henna-dyed red as a symbol of love, fertility and prosperity. Further, the henna night serves as a forecast wife into adulthood and thus as a farewell to home and childhood.

Bachelor accessories for wild party nights

Specifically for Germany is first the hen, with the bachelor party is rung and its highlight is the tradition that guests be brought along their dishes on the floor. The bride and groom must then the shards together sweep up and symbolized in this way the cohesion in difficult times. Correct restraint it comes but only to the point when the groom goes out alone at bachelor party with his buddies.

Some book it specially getaway - others make downtown their home unsafe. Here the chosen one must often wear crazy costumes and let frivolous games endure. Attending a stripping clubs is often the highlight of the stag evening. In all of this is of course extremely caroused with the guys - finally the last day of freedom should be celebrated!

Also Junggesellinnen let the sparks fly

It has long have the partners on the flag to have a blast with the stag again before the wedding and draw as their future husbands through the streets and pubs. They also contribute, for example, all have the same t-shirt with an appropriate slogan to act as a cohesive unit. A vendor's tray is part of the Bachelor accessories for men and women - so are little things like candy and condoms are sold in order to make the party even exessiver with the proceeds. The main thing is that the bride and groom have again raged right to subsequently relaxed to enter the port of marriage.