Pirates and Corsairs

Here you will find everything you need for a great Pirates and Corsairs party! Pirate costumes and decorations to turn your home into a pirate's den!

Pirates and Corsairs

Ships, skulls, glittering parties and pirate costumes 

The life of pirates was marked by the adventurous life at sea, by battles and naturally by wild parties. As unsettled as their lives were as varied was their look. Their outfits were colourful, extravagant and eye-catching so everybody ould know at once that they were pirates.

Create a pirate costume in only a few steps

Tricorn or bandana, eye patch, large shirt and a sword - pirate costumes are somehow stereotypical. In this section you will find everything you need for your pirate themed party, so go and turn yourself into Blackbeard or Sir Francis Drake! 

Throw a wild pirate party with one of our many mega cool pirate costumes! 
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