Summer Party Lantern red

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Summer Party Lantern red

The glowing lantern for a perfect summer party!

In the most beautiful time of year the nature shows her full glory and attracts people outside.Whether summer party, beach event, garden party or barbecue - everyone is in a celebratory mood and want to enjoy life.But even the most beautiful sunny day is coming to an end.Then the time has come in a get-together to sit on the terrace.For the garden party even when darkness falls can continue for a long, we feature some of the red summer party lantern which makes a discreet light for enspannte summer evening atmosphere.

The chic Lampion can auseinanerziehen with one simple movement, has an opening at the top to place a tea light and can be transported easily with the carrying handle.The next Halloween and Mardi Gras celebration is the red summer party lantern to radiant event.For a successful gastronomic evening, we suggest that you consider Zombie Cupcakes recipe book and Halloween Muffin Forms ,

  • Material: cardboard
  • Diameter: approximately16 cm
  • Age recommendation: Not suitable for children under 3 years