Easter Party

An Easter Party is a perfect prelude to spring. With an Easter rabbit costume, some Easter grass and a sexy Easter bunny, you can close the boring season of Lent in style.

Easter Party

Close the boring Lenten season with an Easter bunny costume, some Easter grass and a sexy bunny for your Easter nest!

We have the best Easter ideas for your Easter Party! So why not celebrate Easter with a cool Easter themed party?

We  have all the ideas you need for a spring themed party or Easter party!   A colourful Easter party is a great way to celebrate spring. Close the grey Lenten season with spring decorations and easter accesories. The party season starts once more and springtime is full of colours and light. Our bunny rabbit costumes, bunny ears and spring garlands make you forget about cold winter days and get you in the mood for a colourful spring party. In our shop you will find bunny costumes, rabbit ears and bunny rabbit masks to turn yourself into a cheeky Easter bunny and organize a beautiful Easter party. We stock Easter grass and Easter baskets and a great selection of lovely Easter decoration. With our sexy rabbit ears and funny bunny teeth your party guests can turn into Easter bunnies, too!

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