20s Party

The 1920s were the days of the Charleston, of sinful burlesque dancers and of the Mafia. Order your 20s costume now.
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20s Party

At a 1920s themed party you will meet hot cabaret girls, flappers and members of the Mafia

The days of prohibition gave an incredible power to organised crime. The 1920s were years of economic prosperity and thriving cultural and artistic activities. The Roaring Twenties brought radical changes in fashion and hairstyles. Boyish hairstyles like the bob cut or the Eton crop were in vogue and accessories like Cloche hats and big pearl necklaces were required wear for women. Mens fashion included newsboy caps and knickerbockers.

Celebrate the beginning of the Golden Twenties

In the 1920s women started to smoke in public. Mostly they used long cigarette holders which added an sophisticated and swank touch to smoking. In the the same year in the USA the prohibiton of alcohol came into effect.

The 1920s were the glory days of the Mafia

Prohibition was a welcome opportunity for gangs of organized crime to deal with outlawed liquor. Criminals like Al Capone pulled in millions from controlling the sales of alcohol (mostly beer). So called speakeasies or blind pigs came into prominence all over the country. These establishments illegally sold alocholic beverages and sometimes opium and entertained their customers with burlesque and cabaret shows. So the 1920s also were the days of gang wars, blackmail and murder.

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Celebrate a gorgeous 20s party like The Great Gatsby or organize a prohibition themed party and serve lots of illegal booze! With our Charleston costumes, flapper dresses, Mafia hats and machine guns you can create an atmosphere of secret casinos and cabarets. Return to the days of Al Capone and Josephine Baker with our 1920s costumes and dance the Charleston with a Cloche hat on your head and a cigarette holder in your hand.

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