Tombstone Angel with LED

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Tombstone Angel with LED

The angel of death is guarding the tomb of the gruesome duke!

The Duke of Zuffington was a cruel man. He subjugated his bondsmen and sometimes tortured them to death. Who was not able to pay the tithe was pilloried immediately and left there as long as the duke wanted.  One day God heard the prayers of the duke's bondsmen and saw with terror what the Duke of Zuffington was doing to his subjects. He decided to send Karan, the angel of revenge, from heaven to earth in order to stop the horrifying deeds of the duke. Karan didn't fool around and felled the duke right in the market square. In memory of the day the angel killed their torurer, the citizens of Zuffington put a winged stone skeleton on the evil duke's tombstone. Rumour has it that the tombstone lights up at nighttime and the cruel duke roams the graveyard in search of forgiveness for his sins.

The Tombstone Angel with LED is approx. 85 cm high, it is approx. 38 cm wide and approx. 10 cm deep. The words "In loving Memory RIP" are written on the gravestone. When activated, the two LEDs below the writing start to flash brightly. A winged skeleton with a long robe and with his bone arms crossed in front of the chest stands on top of the tombstone. The switch to activate the LEDs is on the backside. The Halloween decoration runs with 3 AAA batteries which are included in the tombstone. The fake headstone is made of styrofoam so it is not heavy to carry. The tombstone comes with two standing devices that guarantee solid grip on smooth surfaces or can be used as stakes to stick the gravestone in the soft soil of your garden. Simply follow the included instructions. Have a look at all the other fantastic Halloween decorations in our online shop! How about our Screaming Ghost in a Barrel or the Erhängtes girl for your party?

Additional information:

  • Includes: Tombstone Angel with LED, 3x AAA batteries, 2x standing device
  • Creepy angel of death tombstone with 2 flashing LEDs
  • Including standing device for flat surfaces or garden soil