Zombie on a Hook 90 cm

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 Zombie on a Hook 90 cm

Everyone has pictures on their walls, but only you have a zombie on a meat hook!

A picture on a wall... how boring is that? Even if a lot of pictures are truly amazing, it's still always the kind of wall decoration. Make a difference and hang a spooky zombie on your wall!

This Zombie on a Hook will surely match all your other Halloween decorations and it is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher! Not everyone can say they have a terrifying undead hanging in their flat! The metal look meat hook with blood stains is made of plastic. It pierces the zombies chin and tongue. Tie a string to the hook and hang the zombie on your wall or suspend it from our ceiling! The latex head of our zombie prop has bloodshot bulging eyes and horrified features, its plastic hands are tied to the back with a rope. The zombie wears a tattered, red, white and green chequered shirt with black buttons. The prop is approx. 70 cm long. Match this scary hanging decoration with our Hanging Prop green zombie on the hook or the Erhängtes girl!

Additional information on the Zombie on a Hook:

  • Approx. 90 cm long (including the hook and shirt tatters)
  • Hands and meat hook made of plastic
  • Zombie head made of latex