Horror Lolly Garden Spider

Item #: 21295

Horror Lolly Garden Spider

A gigantic Halloween lolly with blueberry flavour

With this incredibly big lollipop you will be the star of this year's Halloween party. This lolly is guaranteed to be the biggest and scariest of all Halloween sweets.

The Horror Lolly Spider is approx. 8 cm long and black currant flavoured. The lollipop is attached to a wooden stick. It goes without saying that the lolly is dyed with food colouring and therefore fit for consumption. Also available is the Horror Lolly Skull.

  • Includes: one Horror Lolly Spider
  • Ingredients: sugar, glucose sirup, natual flavourings, food colouring, titanium dioxide
  • Size: approx. 8 cm
  • Base colour: black
  • Motif colour: white