Small plastic tarantula

Item #: 10333

Plastic tarantula

Realistic-looking spider made of plastic

A nasty, aggressive spider Keep on any Halloween party as a shocker absence.Our furry, flocked plastic tarantula is the nightmare of every man with spider phobia and is well suited as a Halloween decoration or Scherzartikelund waiting to schlpfen just waiting for someone to warm bed.

The black fitted with colored patterns, flocked satin and spider has a diameter of ca.12 cm, and has 8 long legs.The best plastic tarantula with Dirty cobwebs decorate together and already istdie right Halloween and horror atmosphere created.

Package included: 1 x Plastic tarantula

  • Color: Black with colored pattern (selection not possible)
  • Gre: ca.12 cm
  • Material: Plastic Flocked