Zombie Baby Lucy
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Zombie Baby Lucy

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Zombie Baby Lucy

There's something wrong with Baby Lucy. First her mother had to watch her Damian turn into a drooling monster and when he sneaked up on Baby Lucy and bit her, she turned into a zombie. And if it wasn't bad enough that Little Lucy had become a spawn of the devil, she didn't have anything better to do than to kill her mother. She not only was a zombie baby, like her brother Damian she was also possessed by demons. That is why this abomination from the pits is able to turn her head 360° while her eyes glow red and she babbles and screams. This Halloween animatronic is battery operated with 3 AA batteries which are not included in delivery. A fantastic horror decoration activated by a motion detector. This super animated prop will not only impress the guests of a horror or Halloween party, this animated puppet is also an ideal decoration for ghost trains or haunted houses. More horrible deco props like the Damian Animatronic or the Zombie Baby Milla in our store. This impressive animated figure is made of latex covered foam rubber and synthetic hair.

Size: approx. 40cm