Dancing witches broom

Item #: 22293

Dancing witches broom

The dancing witches' broom as a domestic helper for your kitchen witches!

Did you also have always wanted an enchanted witches broom that sweeps you the Witch's Kitchen? Lie dozens of cockroaches, dead spin cornered animal and mice tails on your kitchen floor, then it's time for the magic spring cleaning.Maybe a dancing witches broom is the solution for your problem.We're pretty sure a dancing witches broom helps you to bring your hut back in order. At least ensures the enchanted broomstick for good mood!

The dancing witches' broom is a fun Halloween Animatronic, which makes for a great atmosphere in your witch's house.Our dancing witches' broom rotates and moves on smooth floors, stating creepy noises.The floating ghost hands seem to keep the witches' broom and delegate through the rooms.A dancing witches' broom is a great idea for your Halloween party and will be used flexibly by the battery.There are for 2 x AA 1.5 volt batteries required, but these are not included.Decorate your kitchen witches still with our Cobweb 40gr white.

Package included: 1 x Dancing Witch Broom
  • Size: approx. 92 cm high
  • Color: Beige / Brown / Green / Black
  • Batteries: Not included 2 x AA, 1 5 V, supplied