Balloon Accessories

With a balloon pump and the right Balloon Accessories balloons and helium balloons are a lot easier to blow up and to transport. Order your Balloon Accessories at!

Balloon Accessories

With the right Balloon Accessories you can create perfect balloon decorations

What use is ta beautiful latex or foil balloon if it isn't blown up and decorated using the appropriated accessories? Blowing up a balloon with your mouth can be hazardous for younger children. It is a lot safer to use a pump.

How to make foil balloons float

Helium filled foil balloons are supposed to float without taking the risk they might fly off. Our balloon string is perfect for helium filled balloons. It is available in lots of different colours. Attach it to a funny balloon weight and your foil balloon will float in place. our Balloon Accessories make it possible!

How to fasten balloons

Air or helium filled balloons are easy to carry when attached to a balloon stick. We stock different types of balloon sticks, balloon clips and balloon nets to fasten and to decorate your balloons. Order your Balloon Accessories at!
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