Sexy Joke Items

Sexy Joke Items make funny party gags and cheeky presents. Sexy jokes like the penis candle, the pussy keychain, the cocksucker straws or the boobies keychain are guaranteed fun!

Sexy Joke Items

Enticing entertainment for a hilariously funny party

Laughter, blushing and insinuating remarks - that's the reaction of most party guests when Sexy Joke Items come into play! And what could be more fun than loosen up the party atmosphere with inflatable dolls, penis straws or a booby beer bong?

Sexy Joke Items are guaranteed fun!

They are perfect to make you laugh but they are also great to send insinuating messages. Therefore they are also great for hot dates! Get a good warm-up with our sexy party pranks and accessories!  
Now enter the realm of sexy party Jokes and make your fellow men and women happy!