Latex Horns

Latex horns for live action role playing game and special effects makeup

Latex Horns

Latex Horn Appliances for special makeup effects

With a pair of Latex Horns you can turn yourself into a character that would not be recognizable or would not look authentic without the characteristic horns. Often an otherwise good LARP or fantasy makeup lacks the physical characteristic of a particular fairy tale creature or legendary character. Latex HornAppliances make it super easy to do special makeups like a professional mask maker and to get yourself a pair of remarkable horns.

Apply Latex Horns

Latex Hoens have to be applied using spirit gum, aka Mastix. After the edges of the latex appliance have to be covered with theatrical makeup to match your skin colour. The Latex Horns are easy to remove after use and can be reused several times when handled with care.

Latex Horns for different characters

There are lots of different types of Latex Horns which, depending on their size and shape may cause amazement, or laughter. How about a pair of classic, red devil horns or small, black demon horns? The classic horns of fairy tale creatures like satyrs or fauns are essential accessories for stage plays. Turn yourself into Maleficent, Pan or a unicorn with our Latex Horns!

Latex Horns for LARP, Cosplay and Visual Kei

There are lots of occasions where Latex Horns might come in handy. They are used as costume accessories or special makeup effects in live action role playing games, cosplay and visual kei, the latter not yet being very famous in Europe. Latex Horns are perfect when it comes to adding an authentic and characteristic touch to a character.

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