3D Tattoo Rotted

Item #: 19800

3D Tattoo Rotted

The perfect zombie skin for any event!

If you don't want to wear a latex mask and still want to walk as a zombie down the streets, the 3D Tattoo rotted is the thing you will need! You can decide where to place the rotten zombie skin. A real individual zombie. The size of the wounds reaches from small ones to real big ones.

The 3D Tattoo Rotted is completly latex free. So there is no allergic reaction, when to apply the zombie skin on your own skinn. On a plate are seven different rotted skin parts of a zombie. The size varies from 2cm x 2cm up to 11cm x 4 cm. The innovative 3D Tattoo wounds are latex free applications without glue. They get fixed on your skin by water. The 3D wound applications can be tuned with Film Blood / FX Blood 240 ml to let it look more realistic. You wand a zombie skin? No Problem! Cut a wound out, peel it from the transfer paper, turn it over and press it face down on the transfer paper. Now peel of the plastic from the back and place the backside of the wound on your skin and press firmly. Wet the transfer paper with water, wait 30 seconds and peel the transfer paper off.

Product information:

  • Latex free
  • 3D wound tattoos are easy to fix with water
  • Latex free wound tattoos can be tuned with artificial blood
  • Created by Make up Artists from Hollywood, like movie quality


  • Do not use around eye area
  • Skin must be clean and free of any makeup, dirt or oils
  • Do not apply 3D Tattoo Rotted over hair