Shark Veneer Teeth Pro
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Shark Veneer Teeth Pro

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Shark Veneer Teeth Pro

These pointed fangs don't just look extremely creepy, they also transform the pretty little mermaid or the handsome young merman into evil monsters. Arielle would have given her eye teeth for such dentures, just to escape from her boring daily routine for one day. But the days of the mermaids are over and now it's your turn to impose order! During the next fancy dress ball you'll surely lock jaws with some of the party guests. These shining white Shark Veneer Teeth Pro can be custom fit easily with the putty set included in delivery. Once done that they can be reused any time you like. Talking and drinking is barely restricted thankds to the dentures' great fit. Wear the shark veneer teeth with the Caribbean Pirate Costume Deluxe or the  Romantic Pirate Bride Costume Size M / 38-40 and you'll scare the other party guests as soon as you'll open your mouth. Nobody will expect hungrily pointed teeth in a pretty pirate's mouth and if they are even bloody from our Blood Capsules Movie Quality, may God help us!

Material: dental plastics