Saw Make Up Kit

Item #: 14195

Saw Make Up Kit

Original licensed Saw Make Up Set

SAW makeup kit to make-up for Halloween or carnival as infamous ventriloquist's dummy Billy from the movie SAW.

The Saw Make Up Kit consists of white primer, three-colored makeup in black, red and maroon, a red make-up stick, two different Schminkschwämmchen and an applicator.Saw products as SAW door decoration with LEDs . SAW Pig Pig Mask . SAW Pig Costume. S or the legendary tricycle (see also SAW Jigsaw doll on tricycle 30cm ) Are of course also available.

1 x Saw Make Up Set
  • Contents: 1 x primer, 3 x Make Up colors 1 x Brilliant stick, 2 x sponges 1 x applicator