Tattoo Sleeves Pirate

Item #: 14409

Tattoo Sleeves Pirate

Colorful Pirate Tattoo Sleeves with ship and skull

They are less expensive and not for eternity Tottoo sleeves with pirates motif

Schocke your family and your friends with totally tattooed arms! The Pirate Tatoo designs are printed on skin colored nylon fabric and really look like the real thing! The sleeves look great with short-sleeved T-shirts, and if the cuffs z.B.are playing with a bracelet and so make any costume perfectly.One Size.Schick, the Tattoo Sleeves Tattoo Sleeves Evil Reaper and Tattoo Sleeves Men Dragons from our assortment.Consisting of 2 sleeves (2 arms).

Material 100% Nylon