Sclera Contact Lenses

Sclera Contact Lenses add an extra extravagant touch to your look! Here you will find a great selection of coloured contact lenses!

Sclera Contact Lenses

Add an extra special touch to your costume with these wicked contact lenses

Sclera Contact Lenses are lenses that not only cover the iris but also the white part of the eye, the so-called sclera. These lenses will make you look even more mysterious and creepy than normal coloured contact lenses.

How to handle Sclera Contact Lenses

As this type of contact lenses is considerably bigger than the normal ones, extra careful and skilled handling is essential. Best consult your optician if your eyes are fit for this kind of contact lenses and ask for instructions on how to use them properly.

Sclera Contact Lenses- for an extra extravagant look!

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