For the cheeks

Rouge as makeup gives your skin freshness and a dramatic Hollywood look. With Powder & Cream Rouge can be fantastic makeup achieve effects and thus beauty makeup and Halloween underline makeup effects!
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For the cheeks

A versatile must-have - Cream & Powder Rouge for cheeks

Who does not know - the tired complexion after a night of little sleep? The skin is weak and flabby and you would rather not go out of the house? When the time just missing for recreation, makeup can work wonders for the cheeks.Quick and easy to use - and you start with the right sense of freshness in the day.The Stargazer Rouge as powder and cream in different colors offer you exactly what you can use on a day.It will ensure fast that you never feel you have to look sleepy!

Rouge is indispensable for a complete make-up and provides you ready diversified opportunities.Whether to make the complexion look all day long healthy and rested, or to emphasize your facial contours - the Stargazer Rouge gives you a more youthful appearance.The Powder & Cream Rouge is available in different colors.From discreet Orange Pink (Art.No.: 23605), through various shades of brown and gold tones, am toward the more daring Mandarinrot (Art.No.: 23603) and radiant pink tones, our Rouge for every taste and every skin type.Depending on the color intensity, it is therefore suitable for a radiant day make-up as well as for an elegant evening makeup.Properly applied, it may also provide the perfect soundtrack for any carnival or Halloween costume, because it can provide many exciting transformations.

Straightforward application of powder & Cream Rouge

The Powder & Cream Rouge is located in a practical closable and slight jar that can be comfortably carried in a handbag.Depending on how you like better, you can bring on the cheeks, the Stargazer Creme Rouge with a sponge or your fingers.The powder version is easy with a corresponding brush (Art.No.: 24371) Apply from our range.With Rouge you'll reach an emphasis your facial contours and even change them when used correctly confidence.In a heart-shaped face, the makeup is applied directly to the cheekbones and spread to the temples out.To optimize a square face, the color is almost applied below the cheekbones and slanted streaked the hairline.Do you have more of an oval face, it is recommended the product in a circular motion just apply below the bone.

So can act narrower and are shaped with simple tricks cheeks, nose and chin.With a little practice you can achieve different effects.Will you go with your makeup achieve a fresh, natural skin tone, it is advisable to resort to a bright tone Rouge.Emphasis your contours You score on the other hand through the use of darker colors.Despite its soft texture, the Rouge stands out for strong, long-lasting colors.The intensity can be varied according to your personal taste by to applying more or less product.Powder blush is especially good for oily skin and adds a basic makeup from powder ideal.Creme Rouge melts at skin contact and is the right choice for dry skin.This is in combination with Powder and Liquid Foundation and can be used as a lip color also.The advantage is: You do not need more than one product to carry around with you and the lip color matches the Wangenton, creating a harmonious overall picture.

Animal Experiments Free Powder & Cream Rouge

Our products in great colors and good quality are not tested on animals and can be purchased so without a guilty conscience from you.The Stargazer Rouge offers a comprehensive range of color and texture and is applicable for many different occasions and gives you a great feeling on the skin.So do not wait any longer, order now, to no longer appear faded or sleepy to start the day and instead you every morning of course to feel beautiful and confident.

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