Makeup & Special Effects

Halloween Makeup & Horror special makeup effects artist and hobby for make-up artists. Order now and Theatre Makeup and special makeup effects for your Halloween and Carnival Make-up
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Makeup & Special Effects

The Finishing Touch with Theatrical Makeup

Costume, check. Decorations, check. The crew is ready, the smoke machines are working and the guests are on the way… what’s missing? Your Makeup & Special Effects, obviously! There is absolutely no Halloween Costume that can be considered complete without even some basic Halloween Makeup like from this 21 Piece Carnival and Halloween Makeup Set. Give your costume the finishing touch with the Special Effects it needs to make you stand out from the crowd; even a small amount of special makeup is enough to completely transform your costume from ‘meh’ to ‘woah’!
At, we have a huge selection of Makeup & Special Effects that will meet your every need; our Halloween Makeup is divided into a few categories; Halloween Makeup, Beauty Makeup, Latex Appliances, Halloween Teeth and Contact Lenses. This way, you have all aspects of the makeup effects tools you need ready and available to you. Are you not sure if you need Theatrical Makeup? Well, think again! What Halloween costume doesn’t have a little bit of Film Blood or that couldn’t be improved with some 3D Gunshot Wounds, Glow-in-the-Dark Vampire Teeth or Orlock Horror Finger Nails?

Brutally Realistic Special Effects

Our Halloween Makeup Effects are so realistic that you will actually fool people into thinking that the wound on your neck is real or that those bumps on your nose have been there for years! is proud to offer a wide selection of Latex Appliances, like Latex Ears, Latex Noses, Latex Horns and Latex Wounds. Are you allergic to latex? Not to worry, many people are, so we have made sure to make a great selection of non-latex gelatin wounds available for you to create some brutally realistic effects.
Are you dressing up as a zombie? No zombie costume is complete without some Makeup & Special Effects to make it look like you have an Infected Zombie Nose and your skin is rotting and peeling off from the overdose of nuclear radiation. There are tons of different types, styles and levels of realism that you can accomplish with this Theatrical Makeup so get creative and get creepy. If you want your costume to be accurate and scary down to the last detail, you should check out some of our Contact Lenses. These are non-prescription lenses you can wear to make your character come to life, and come in a variety of colors, like these Yellow Raven Eye Contact Lenses.

Gruesome Choppers and Terrifying Theatrical Makeup

Many Halloween costumes are dependent on the right Makeup & Special Effects to really come to life. Specifically, you might need the right Halloween Teeth! What vampire costume is complete without some Vampire Fangs, like these Scarecrow Lady Fangs Vampire Teeth, what monster is complete without Horror Teeth, such as some Old Witch Teeth and what silly hillbilly look is believable without Fun Dentures like these classic Nerd Teeth coming out of your mouth? Halloween Teeth are one of the widely agreed upon to be a staple in any Halloween toolkit and are a very realistic type of Theatrical Makeup.
What is very useful about Halloween Makeup is its versatility. Not sure which character you are dressing up as yet? Do you have many parties to go to and need some variations on your costume? Do you want to expand your Halloween toolkit so you have the right equipment for any costume? Within wide selection of Makeup & Special Effects, we are particularly proud of our Theatrical Makeup, including Halloween Makeup and Beauty Makeup.
You can use this makeup to create any Special Effects you wish, like a creature from beyond with these Mythical Creature Ears or an escaped mental patient with some Artery Wounds. If you are going to order some Halloween Makeup, then don’t forget some Stage Blood and applicator tools to get that really professional look. Do you want to impress your friends and coworkers this year with some gruesome choppers and terrifying details in your costume? Then don’t forget to order some Theatrical Makeup to achieve professional Halloween Special Effects.
It’s Halloween time, so don’t get caught dead in the water without the right Makeup & Special Effects! These simple tools can turn any costume into a professional one that is guaranteed to not just scare people, but impress them too. Halloween Makeup is the foundation for any good Halloween accessories kit and thewide selection of will meet all your needs. Start with the basics, like glow-in-the dark Makeup and Stage Blood to create credible Effects, and then choose a few more specific fake wounds or fake teeth to perfect your ensemble. Get ready to scare...

To lazy to put some effort in your Halloween Make-up? Why dont try one of our Halloween Masks or gory Horror Masks?

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