Vampirina Vampire Costume Medium Large

Item #: 16286 ML

Vampirina Vampire Costume ML

Sexy vampire princess costume for Halloween

With the successful and beloved vampire series Twilight and True Blood show not only male vampires have experienced a renaissance, and the vampire costume has since a popular idea for a carnival and Halloween costume.Unquestionably vampire costumes were also in front of the mass phenomenon of Pop vampire trend, as it "Twilight" has caused a popular costume idea.Nevertheless, it was a long time so that only men who dressed as vampires.Nowadays this is no longer true.Now the time has come, with the women in Vampirina costume can go on Halloween and carnival as bloodsuckers.

The Vampirina vampire costume includes the sexy black red corset dress with tulle and lace, the gauntlets lace, the sexy stockings and elegant vampire collar.Is matched by this Halloween costume for kids and teens.More sexy vampire costumes like the Sexy Vampire Bride Costume S / M and the Sexy Vampira Costume. S / M and all sorts of creepy accessories are here at the Horror Shop.

  • Delivery: 1x Vampirina vampire costume, arm warmers, stockings, high collar
  • Faben: black red
  • Size: M / L
  • Material: 100% Polyester
    Size: M / L corresponds to ca.36/38
    Chest: approx. 84 cm
    Waist size: approx. 76 cm
    Hips: approx. 90 cm
    Total length costume: approx. 62 cm