Vampire Count Frock Coat
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Vampire Count Frock Coat

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Vampire Count Frock Coat

Vampires, creatures of the night, supernatural beings who are condemned to live forever more and feed on human blood...they have fired people's imagination for ages. Just recently these terrible creatures who are said to have a profound aversion to garlic and crucifixes have been back on tv and movie screens all over the world. Main vampire Count Krolock in The Fearless Vampire Killers, the Twilight films starring Robert Pattinson  in the part of a rather heroic vampire, you name it. Our Vampire Count Frock Coat is a modern interpretation of the classic vampire outfit. The elegant frock is made of blood-red velvet with a black collar and black cuffs with fake leather appliqués and decorative buttons. Any vigin will succumb to the charm of a vampire in such an impressive costume and happily offer him her neck to feed on her blood. With the matching Twilight Contact Lenses, our Fangs / Scarecrow Fangs and some Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml you'll turn into a tragic hero yourself and you'll be able to compete with Count Dracula any time!

Material: 100% polyester