Psycho Sushi Chef

Item #: FW-16818

Psycho Sushi Chef

Halloween costume of a crazed Japanese chefs

The sushi and sashimi has now degenerated into a pure fast food, annoyed the Japanese master chef very and makes him increasingly for bloodlust.whetted Japanese knives sharp, prepares the or suffering from burnout syndrome and gone crazy Psyco sushi chef, only Shushi bites from poisonous pufferfish to.The poisonous meal served this then preferably with a delicious cyanide soy sauce.This contemporary and ultra-trendy Halloween and carnival costume Pyscho Sushi chef you're the star of the High Society Halloween Party guests and can it loose with the sleazy TV chefs, the flicker on all channels to record.

The Pyscho sushi chef costume consists of a black, long-sleeved chef jacket in kimono-style, the collar and the sleeves are trimmed with red hem and a high, red black Küchmütze imprinted Pyscho Sushi Chef.Included with the crazed serial killer and chef included, is a false, bloody knife and a serving of sushi, which is topped with a finger and an eyeball.If you equip an entire kitchen brigade with treats, we recommend Rotten Meat Dessert Plate and Bloody Latex Heart ,

Material: 100% polyester, black pants and shirt not included.