Batman Latex Costume DLX

Item #: 15049

Batman Latex Costume DLX!

Batman "The Dark Knight". Over the years the "Dark Knight" costume has gone through a few changes. Following the Batman saga it turned from a simple "heroes in tights" outfit into a top modern high-tech armour. The cape used to be royal blue, now it is jet black. The jumpsuit used to be light grey (with black pants), now it is jet black, too. In all the years the bat-belt always has been the superhero's special tool box. Smoke-bombs, chemicals, rope and baterang, everything you might need to save the world just wrapped around the waist.

Here's the best batman outfit of all times! This DLX version really shames everything else. This fantastic outfit consists of 9 pieces! All single parts except for the cloak are made of latex! The fantastic latex parts include chest armour, kneepads and boot covers, the famous batman mask, gloves and belt. This incredible costume was created according to the original Batman outfit and is originally licensed. The costume fits a size L (42-44)

Material: shirt, pants, cape: 100% polyester

Body armour: latex