Scream Scarecrow Child Costume L

Item #: 16303 L

Scream Scarecrow Child Costume L

The long-awaited sequel of horror slasher Scream will finally be released and beginning of April 2011the merciless serial killer will strike once more! This time he'll wear lots of different creepy outfits like Scream Scarecrow and Scream Zombie! The gory Scream Scarecrow Child Costume of Scream part 4 looks like a scarecrow outfit made of gunny and sackcloth and looks even more disturbing than the original Scream costume. The in-famous serial killer in Wes Craven's US cult movie Scream is one of modern horror film's most famous characters and well loved by all horror movie fans. A fantastic and spooky Halloween and horror costume for cheeky boys and girls. A costume that will definitely stir up the Halloween and horror costume market.

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Size L, 8-10 years

Material: 100% polyester