Jason Eishockymaske original fiberglass

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Jason Eishockymaske original fiberglass

Jason Voorhees mask from the movie Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees, from the well-longest horror movie series Friday the 13th, is probably one of the most famous serial killer of US cinema history! The slasher series broke worldwide box office records and made the inventor Sean S.Cunningham one of the most famous horror movie directors.Jason was often teased as a child because of his disability and died in a swimming accident at Camp Crystal Lake killed while his mother, who worked as a kitchen assistant, supervising other young people about lies.After the supposed death, the mother retaliated cruel to the teenagers and brought them over to imaginative way.After a long series of murders the mother was herself a victim and was beheaded by one of teens.What until then did not know Jason was still alive and lived since swimming accident in a hut near the camp and saw the murder of his mother.Thus the foundation for a, for that time, bloody orgies of violence in cinema history was laid.

The merciless serial killer with the hockey mask since heard the darling of all horror fans and is one of the most popular Halloween characters.Here is the first time an original, licensed edition of Jason Hockey Mask FIBERGLASS available! The Jason Eishocky mask is so authentic that you have to have almost afraid Jason comes back to his mask to bring back! The fiberglass horror mask has all the features as they are seen in the film and it requires good nerves to wear this! Absolute collector's item and only begrentzt available!

  • Delivery: 1x Jason Eishockymaske original fiberglass
  • Color: White-red
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: 100% fiberglass