Wolf Mask Deluxe

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Wolf Mask Deluxe

A werewolf mask made of top-quality latex!

Werewolves are more popular than ever! Twilight and The Vampire Diaries keep proving that manwolves sell! Werewolves like Jacob Black and Tyler Lockwood are extremely sexy and only a little dangerous every now and so often, but most of all they are absolutely trendy! So choose a fashionable Halloween costume and turn yourself into a modern werewolf with our Wolf Mask Deluxe made of high-quality latex!

This cool full head wolf mask has a light brown complexion and features lots of details such as deep furrows around the nose and eyes. This lycan looks rather friendly and not too terrifying. Soft and bushy brown synthetic hair frames the wolf features and bushy eyebows of the same material are an eye-catching detail. The mask is chinless and features big eye holes which is perfect if you want to add some cool accessories to your werewolf look. E.g. how about Contact Lenses Werewolf and Werewolf Fangs Doppeleckzähne ? With this beautiful top-quality werewolf mask you can take on Jacob Black and Tyler Lockwood any time!

Size: universal
Material: high-quality latex