Swamp Troll mask

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Swamp Troll mask

Eerie Halloween latex mask for your Horror Event

The Swamp Troll mask suggests that this gruesome troll is very old.He has few gray strands of hair and bushy gray eyebrows.One can not say exactly where this Swamp Troll comes.He seems to have experienced many painful things, because the Swamp Troll mask looks desecrated, as has the green Troll only a blind eye.No one knows exactly what he is for a living.Perhaps a combination of a human and a monster.Its large pointed ears are not human.The Swamp Troll mask is processed very detailed and the gray synthetic hair makes him downright act alive.Suitable for your perfect Halloween costume you need a horror weapon to defend yourself against attacks can, a Instrument of Torture Meat Cleaver would be optimal, and for safe gun Zombie paws green ,

  • Delivery: 1x Swamp Troll mask
  • Color: green
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: 100% Latex