Smirky Clown Mask
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Smirky Clown Mask

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Smirky Clown Mask

Nasty horror clowns love to roam creepy abandoned fun fairs. You'll have no fun messing with this gory buffoon. The spooky Halloween mask's mean features and its evil grin give you an idea of his true nature. The clown mask is made of vinyl, its open mouth reveals pointed fangs and is contorted into a grin and its nose is stitched up badly. Not even the funny clown make-up which, on closer examination looks actually pretty horrible, can hide the fact that this fella isn't all right in his head. Check out a few more of our horror clown masks, like the Scary Gary Clown Mask or the Stalker Clown Mask and even if you're the biggest circus fan, you won't be laughing long.

Material: vinyl