Satanic Golem Mask

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Satanic Golem Mask

Extremely cool zombie priest latex mask

The resurrected from the clay was formerly Zombie priests what now earned him the name Satanic Golem.The Satanic Golem Mask shows a creature that was supposed to be his creator to services.The nasty zombie brought but as the first act to its creators.Since then he drives as satanic zombie priests in dark night around and kill everything and everyone he can find.

The Satanic Golem Mask is one of the best zombie masks we have in stock and is a vicious and extremely aggressive, bloody undead mask.The Satanic Golem Mask you have a full head latex mask.The horror mask is characterized by its perfectly balanced color, the branding that was the heretic burned apparently on his forehead and his gaping bloody mouth.

Delivery: 1 x Satanic Golem Mask
Size: Full head mask
Material: Latex.