Moss Zombie Mask

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Moss Zombie Mask

Extremely cool zombie mask a rotting dead from the forest

The Moss Zombie has probably been a while situated as a contemporary in the ground before he suddenly begins to live again by a virus, it carries in itself.The instinct for fresh human meat, the moss Zombie clips bloodthirsty Nächtens through the streets.The dangerous Moss Zombie is fresh enstiegen the grave and in search of new victims.

The zombie mask is processed unique, designed the eyes and ears to the smallest core, the real Moss gives him the rest.Super cool zombie mask and hit at any Halloween party or the selbsgedrehtem shocker! We place zombie fans also Zombie Groundbreaker Mask or Slash Zombie Mask Mask recommended; still beating heart.

  • Delivery: 1 Moss Zombie Mask
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Color: moss Green
  • Material: latex