Magic Mushroom Witch
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Magic Mushroom Witch

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Magic Mushroom Witch

Full head mask of an old Magic Mushroom Witch with a wrinkled and furrowed face. The witch's face has strongly suffered form experimenting with poisonous herbs, mushrooms and elixirs. Lots of failed self-experiments made the Witches Make Up Set with Instructions age prematurely and also gave her Grey Theater hair. All this made her become even more deceitful and mean. The Magic Mushroom Witch is a fantastic mask with many loving details such as fina veins, wrinkles warts and long grey hair. Definitely one of the most beautiful witch masks on the market and a collector's item for all Halloween, Walpurgis Night and esbat fans. If you want to become a proper witch, you need a Witch book with skull and maybe a Raven black 32 cm for a companion.

Material: latex and synthetic hair