Witch mask Grusilda

Item #: 16485

Witch mask Grusilda

The witch mask Grusilda you manage the ultimate appearance of an evil witch! Sneaky witches since time immemorial are already as devilish women who are demons in league.

Old legends and stories to enchant and bewitch them innocent people, killing unbaptized children they can prepare from the fat Flight ointment, because only this allows them to take to the air.Drum beware of these malicious old, they up to no good shields.

The witch mask Grusilda the mask is a magician, is modeled from foam latex and detailed.The atmunsaktive material of Halloween mask is hiding you use not easily sweats that also professionals from the film industry for their masks and facial applications, a more breathable material.Also retained their own expression in part in this witch mask of Grey Country.With the right Witch Wig Strega and a Rectangular glasses you're going to perfect black artist.