Sibell woman mask

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Sibell woman mask

Realistic and seductive woman mask for RPG, travesty and crossdressers

Very sexy and erotic-looking woman mask made of flexible material.The feminine woman mask leaves you in no time into a vamp or a diva.Sibell is particularly true if you still ausstattest with a wig.This natural-looking woman mask can be prima equip a drag show or spend the evening as provocative crossdressers.

Extremely realistic face mask made of breathable, skin-colored foam latex.The soft, realistic facial mask Sibell has a very good fit and thus transfers a portion of the facial expression of the wearer.The foam latex mask is through their realist rule facial features so perfect that the carrier a strange face is available without it must be a mask apparently! The face mask is handmade and expressive, steel-blue eyes, and the eyebrows are painted by hand.In our product range you will also find Women mask Mara and Women mask Naomi as foam latex mask.

  • Material: foam latex