Old Lady Foam Latex Mask

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Old Lady Foam Latex Mask

Transform yourself with the woman in a mask Grossmutti!

This Old Lady Foam Latex Mask is a very realistic designed ladies mask in the form of an elderly woman.In the style of Mrs.Doubtfire, you can transform and be fooled by the vivid facial features your family and friends up with the grandmother mask.

The realistic design of this mask covers your face shape and makes you a good deception.Anders as heavy latex or vinyl masks this Old Lady Foam Latex Mask is made of soft material, very comfortable to wear and has a very good fit.In addition, through the Foamlatex the bulk of your own facial expression is preserved, so that the painted face of the old lady does not look stiff and your facial features accepts.The material is breathable and using the additional holes for eyes, nose and mouth a trouble breathing and vision is guaranteed.

with a Granny wig with node and the Granny Costume Stick 'em your wrinkled face their best advantage and workest like a real Omi.

Information on the Old Lady Foam Latex Mask:

  • Size: Adult
  • good fit
  • comfortable to wear
  • breathable
  • Holes for eyes, nose and mouth
  • a part of the expression is retained
  • Material: Foam Latex