Chimpanzees Foam Latex Mask

Item #: 15361

Chimpanzees Foam Latex Mask

Beastly horny monkey mask a chimpanzee

With the great ape mask can be beastly good celebrations which also a music video producer noticed the then the chimpanzees used foam latex mask for several music videos of a German Reagge Hip Hop Stars from Berlin.Even if you own a house on the lake you can enjoy wearing mask and thus perform a proper Affenzirkus chimpanzees.With the very realistic looking monkey mask you own a beautiful animal masks made from soft foam latex . which itself partly mimic the wearer transfers.

Get yourself now your chimp mask made of soft, breathable foam latex full head mask.

  • Delivery: 1 x chimpanzee mask
  • Size: full head
  • Material: foam latex