Foam Latex Masks

Foam Latex Masks are breathable and fit rather tightly so the mask moves when your face moves and your facial expressions are visible. Discover our big selection of Foam Latex Masks!

Foam Latex Masks

Highly realistic looking masks that let your skin breathe

Spread fear and terror - and, at least sometimes, a bit of fun...
Surely even you know a few  people you would love to lead up the garden path or give a good scare. And honestly, some people really do deserve it. Our latex masks made of high-quality foam latex are perfect to plan the perfect prank. With these masks  dressing up is great fun all year round and not only on Halloween or Carnival. Foam Latex Masks are breathable so you will not sweat too much when wearing them. These masks fit rather tightly and move when your face moves. So a lot of your facial expressions will be visible even though you are wearing a mask. A super creepy effect! In the unlikely event you don't want to scare but please, we have quite a few funny or cute foam latex masks in stock.

From famous horror characters over fantasy creatures to Father Christmas

Obviously giving somebody a good scare is more fun then pleasing someone, so most of our latex masks are horror masks. Besides infamous horror characters like Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein's monster and Nosferatu, you will find fantasy creatures such as orcs, witches and vampires and other ugly beings that are guaranteed to give your prank victims the creeps. Turn yourself into a napalm victim, a serial killer or a killer demon - whichever character you choose, you will be surprised about the realistic looks of our Foam Latex Masks. If you are rather a pleasant person you an turn yourself into a friendly grandad, Santa Claus or a clown and make people smile. Naturally you could also choose a harmless or friendly looking mask and add some horror accessories from our shop - for unexpected shock effects.